How Busy Moms Can Find ‘Alone Time’

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alone timeWorking moms are always busy, and busy moms are always short on time!  There’s always something in the schedule we have to do, either at home or at work. We can hardly find a work-life balance, let alone squeezing in some ‘alone time’.

To be honest, it would be a task in itself.

Week after week we just postpone it and make excuses. But if in the past week or month you didn’t spend an hour by yourself doing something that made YOU feel good (not your kids or spouse) then your situation is critical.

Whether it is doing something relaxing or simply doing nothing, the right time to do it is NOW!

After all, a happy, relaxed mom means a happy household!

Be creative with your short breaks

Use short times-off for shorter activities

Whether you work full-time or have a flexible job, utilize the time you’re away from home because you know other work awaits you when you go.

Meet up with a friend whose lunch break syncs with yours and is near your workplace. Coffee with friends after work is relaxing, too.

Use when-kids-are-napping breaks

…or when they’re playing, whenever they do not need constant observing and care.

If you have a baby, the general rule would be to nap when they nap, but it’s up to you, really.

You can also read, write on your blog, or lose yourself in your favorite Pinterest boards.

Use driving-home-from-work time

Drives to and from work don’t have to be a mundane process you do twice a day, every day. You can have a relaxing time listening to a story instead. Audiobooks might just be the thing that you didn’t know you loved.

If you don’t like to commute, though, there’s always telecommuting which gives you the advantage to regulate your own schedule. This way you’re more flexible in setting your ‘me time’.

While having your morning coffee

If you have kids, chances are you are the first one of the family that gets up.

Start your day right with a nice cup of coffee (or tea), and enjoy those 10-15 minutes by yourself for refueling before the storm of the day comes.

Set it as a task to yourself

Yes, even put it on your schedule.

It will be the finished task that will motivate you to do the rest!

Ask your spouse to have the kids for a day

While they have their Daddy Saturdays, you spend your much-needed Alone Time Saturday once in a while. It’s not like you wouldn’t want to hang out with them, but sometimes one’s own company is more than enough.

Learn what works for you

It can be a hobby, such as photography, scrapbooking, crafting, gardening, or yoga. Even just taking a walk might work for you.

Take Yourself Out To Lunch

Once a while, indulge yourself in a meal alone at a nice restaurant or your favorite cafe. Anything involving food is a perfectly fine way to spend your alone time.

Have dates

Whether with your spouse, or friends, or siblings, spending quality time with loved ones is very important in times of stress at work. It reminds you of what really matters.

If you can convince a fellow mom to join the gym and go together, that’d be great because you’ll be more consistent in going regularly. You’d help each other out and have your ‘alone time’ together.

Junk food & TV

After the kids go to bed or on the weekend, dedicate a couple hours to just lay down, grab a blanket, some ice cream and/or junk food and simply watch your favorite TV series or movies.

You can do it by yourself, or ask your beloved so you can snuggle together. You might fall asleep on the couch – but it’s okay – parents can have their lazy times too.

Don’t feel bad to say No

Learn to say ‘no’ to an extra assignment at work or extra any activities that eat away at your personal time. Sanity is more important that people pleasing.

alone time

Taking a little time only for yourself during the week refreshes and re-energizes you. It enables you to think more clearly and make healthier decisions. As busy as you might be, always put your physical, mental, and emotional health first.

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  1. Great tips, these will be helpful as I attempt to take more time for myself. I know it will make a better me. Its just times flies by so quickly when I get involved in tasks I end up skipping my time and going to another project.

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