A Super Easy Way to Improve Your Office Air Quality

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A Super Easy Way to Improve Your Office Air Quality

Most people spend a lot of time in their office. But what would happen if your office air quality is poor, and you’re actually breathing dirty air?

Sounds gross to me!

Luckily, an air purifier can help clean the air and limit your chance of becoming ill from poor air quality. But then, what are the best air purifiers and filters for offices? Keep reading to learn how to improve your air quality with a purifier. 

Not All Purifiers are Created Equal

Let’s be real. Some air purifiers are nothing more than noisy fans, but others will actually help to improve the air quality of what you’re breathing.

Breathing bad air can lead to something called Sick Building Syndrome. This is pretty much what it sounds like—factors in an enclosed working environment that make you sick. It can make you feel pretty ill if you don’t do anything about it.

Picking up an air purifier for your office can limit pollutants and contaminants and keep you breathing clean, healthy air. But what should you be looking for?

Hereon.biz has lots of information that can help you make a great choice!

What Makes a Great Air Purifier?

What you should be looking for in an air purifier depends on the size and setup of your office environment. But then, there are a few key things that are pretty much universal.

Carbon Filters

Many air purifiers also eliminate odors. If your office has a large number of smokers, who bring the horrible smell back with them when they return from a smoke break, an air purifier with a carbon filter may be a great fit.

Carbon is excellent at trapping odors and can keep your office smoke-free!


Chances are you don’t want an air purifier that sounds like a jet engine, especially if your office is small. You also don’t want to sacrifice performance for peace and quiet, so a good balance of power and minimal noise is a great way to go.

Size Matters

It’s also important to think about the size of your office. You don’t want your purifier to take up a huge amount of space and have employees tripping over it just to get to the bathroom.

Most air purifiers will let you know in their specifications – how large an office they can handle. Choose the smallest and most efficient one for your office size, and you should be golden.


Another thing to consider when you’re thinking of size and space is portability. If you’re going to need to move your air purifier around a lot, you might want to pick up one with wheels. They can be large and heavy, especially if they’re designed for larger office spaces.

HEPA Filters are Great for Air Quality

If your office is prone to dust, or you need to eliminate smaller allergen particles such as mites or pollen, a HEPA filtration system is likely best. They are able to grab and filter out these smaller pollutants with ease.

A Super Easy Way to Improve Your Office Air Quality

Of course, if you really want to go all-in on an office air purifier, there are a whole range of options out there with even more bonus features.

Want WiFi? There are now purifiers on the market that are WiFi-enabled and can be connected to apps that give you air quality information in real time.

Want to know the allergen levels both inside and outside your office? There’s an air purifier for that, too. You can even change the settings remotely, from outside the office!

Do you have an air purifier?

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  1. I work in a Doctors office and this would be great not only for the employees but for our patients too. I have been thinking of getting one for home, now I am thinking of the workplace too. Thank you!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      With the number of germs coming in and out of a doctor’s office, this is a great idea! I hope your employer agrees.

  2. I have been thinking about getting an air purifier for the house and I need to figure out what kind would work better for the house. Running an in home daycare a good one would be a hepa filter one.


    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      A HEPA filter one would probably be a good bet for you. With an in-home daycare, clean air is a must!

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