Kids Sleeping Bad? Limit Screen Time & Try Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller!

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lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

We live in a technology-driven world. You know it and I know. Kids are introduced to technology younger and younger. It’s no wonder they learn it faster and better than adults a lot of the time. However, with most technology, comes screens. There are screens on almost all of the widely used technology devices (TVs, tablets, phones, computers) but it isn’t stopping there. They are moving on to refrigerators, wearable tech, and voice assistants.

Yes, screens are handy. I love screens! Having a visual is a great thing, but not at bedtime. Learn why screen time before bed is bad for your children and about a great nighttime screen alternative – Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller!

Why Screen Time Before Bed is Bad for your Children

We are all guilty of using screens before bed. Whether it’s watching TV until you doze off or checking Facebook one last time – screens are there messing with your sleep. How? Well, first of all, it delays bedtime.

Your children are too enthralled in their latest iPad game to realize it’s bedtime and that they are actually tired. Who can sleep when Roblox must be played? Not to mention, more screen time means less physical activity and exercise to get you feeling tired.

Then there’s that awful blue light you hear about.

Most screens emit short-wavelength-enriched light. This kind of light affects the levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin messing with your body’s natural clock.

Also, engaging in an exciting video game or watching a scary show can release adrenaline. Ever had your brain running a mile a minute when you are trying to sleep? That’s most likely the cause of you staring at the ceiling all night.

What can you do to help? Limit screen time before bed!

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

Instead of letting your children use screens right up until lights out, do something else. Read a book. Exercise. Anything that doesn’t have a screen. Lately, my son’s favorite bedtime activity is Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller.

To see it in action click here!

About Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Lunii, a French-based company, was created by people who wanted to get children to use their imaginations and creativity rather than be glued to a screen.

Now that’s what I am talking about!

My Fabulous Storyteller is a fun, interactive, screenless device that helps foster children’s creativity by allowing them to create and listen to 48 stories. It is absolutely the perfect companion for bedtime and travel!

What’s in the Box?

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

My Fabulous Storyteller comes with one brightly colored, silicone coated, and very durable storyteller, one micro USB cable, the users manual, and 48 great stories about The Adventures of Susan and Ben.lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

Need more stories?

Not a problem! You can download 100+ stories on the Luniistore. Just create an account, download the app, and connect My Fabulous Storyteller to your computer. It’s really simple to do.

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

All of the stories are a very reasonable price and definitely worth the cost to keep my kids interested in reading.

Using Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

My Fabulous Storyteller has an intuitive design; children just seem to automatically know how to use it. Trust me, it is really easy – us parents can even do it!

To turn it on and adjust the volume you use a turn dial on the side of the box. Your child then will create their story by answering a few questions like who the hero is and where you want the story to take place.

Just cycle through the options with the turn dial on the front of the box and push OK to move on to the next question. You will see an illuminated silhouette change on the face of the storyteller as you turn the dial. When you are done answering the four or so questions your story will be read to you.

And with so many alterations, you almost get a completely new short story read to you every time you use it. It’s a totally awesome learning toy!

Why We Love It

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time

I have two boys, ages 8 and 12. While my Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is geared for kids 3+, my boys are on the higher part of its intended age range. But that doesn’t mean they don’t BOTH love it.

Both of my boys thought this was such a ‘cool’ device. Their words, not mine.

After introducing My Fabulous Storyteller to my 8-year-old, who I thought would be a better fit, my 12-year-old stole it and pretty much listened to every story that day. Reading isn’t his favorite thing and he often has a very hard time sleeping. Listening to stories helps him relax and maybe actually sleep in his room at night.

Not even joking.

Easy to Understand

Each story is read by an English woman that reads at a good pace and puts life into the characters with just her voice. Her great performing voice and pronunciation make this fun for kids to listen to. Heck, I think it is pretty entertaining too!

Easy Charging

My Fabulous Storyteller charges with the included USB cord. Not having to put in batteries is a BIG plus for me. Most kids toys eat up so many batteries. Christmas morning is just plain nuts scrambling for batteries and breaking into those tiny Fort Knox worthy packages.

No Wifi or Bluetooth

There is no wifi or Bluetooth. So no sneaking on the internet or streaming music will be happening without your knowledge. You know they would do it if they could. You can be completely worry-free handing this over and know only learning will be done.

Great for Travel

It is great for travel too! There is a built-in speaker but for when you are out and about they can use headphones. This allows your children to enjoy their stories while you don’t 🙂

Give your children a break from screens and buy this amazing story-making machine today —>HERE!

lunii, my fabulous storyteller, screen time


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  1. Crystal Rose says:

    I get up from my computer periodically. I also do deep breathing exercises every night at bedtime.

  2. (Kids Sleeping Bad? Limit Screen Time & Try Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller!) My son and daughter-in-law only allow my five year old grandson limited time on his tablet. At night time they read some of his favorite books that he picked out at their local library that week. The boy is a book worm!

  3. We go for a walk each evening for about a mile or so. I also do yoga and reading.

  4. gloria patterson says:

    I wind down at the end of the day my getting off the computer no emails etc. I try to read for 30 minutes then it is lights out

  5. kathy pease says:

    I try to walk 45 minutes daily on the treadmill. I also drink tons of water.

  6. Jamie Wilmer says:

    Sounds like a useful tip for parents to get their toddlers to sleep better. Instead of having them watch TV just read them to sleep.

  7. This is a wonderful invention and toy. I’d like to put it on my list for holiday gifts for my little nieces and nephews.

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