3 Scrap Foam Life Hacks You Never Thought About

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foam pillows

Making your daily workload a little lighter with “life hacks” is one of the more satisfying things in life, especially when they make a boring or annoying task easier or quicker. More often than not, these ideas happen when we use something that’s an old standby in a brand-new way. For example, pretty much everyone keeps a stash of rubber bands or twist ties around, anticipating they may, at some point, find a use for them in a pinch.

Finding a new use for something extra, old, or no longer used isn’t just restricted to small items either. Say that you replace your couch cushions or foam mattress topper; you’ll wind up with extra foam. Instead of trashing it all, keep just a few pieces to add to your life hacks arsenal.

scrap foam for hanging pictures

Scrap Foam for Hanging Pictures

If you just got a new picture or poster, you’ll need to hang it. Unfortunately, you have a habit of hammering your thumb more often than the nail. With a piece of foam, you can push the nail through so the foam holds the nail while you hold the foam a safe distance. Once it’s in the wall, pull the foam off the nail and finish pounding it in. Pictures hung, fingers intact!

Scrap Foam for Padding

In-a-pinch padding is another smart and easy application for scrap foam. If you’ve set the mount for the aforementioned picture but are concerned about the frame scraping the wall, tape little bits of foam to the back of each corner! It’ll prevent gouging, plus help hold the picture more parallel to the wall for better presentation.

Scrap Foam for Painting

Yet another good idea for remnant foam is touch-up painting. If you trim off small strips of foam, they can be used as a makeshift paintbrush/applicator for getting into tight corners and other difficult-to-reach areas to finish your painting!

Can you think of another way to upcycle foam?

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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I love the extra left foam ideas. The painting one is my favorite.

  2. These are good ideas. I used a length of scrap foam to tuck under the pillows on the couch to give them a boost.

  3. These are creative ideas! I used a big piece of scrap foam that had come with a delivery under my couch cushions, and it helps keep them propped up.

  4. I have used foam for the inner core for making a pillow, then wrapping it with quilt batting that I already had. It makes for a nice pillow with scraps, esp if you make the covering with small pieces of leftover fabric.

  5. These are great tips! I frequently use small extra foam pieces to blot over stencils with colored ink to make my journal pages pretty. Perfect to just cut what you need and not have to wash out like foam brushes.

  6. Sally Hill says:

    These are great tips! I use scrap foam for a hobby of mine, antkeeping – it’s great for wiping on layers of anti-escape liquid onto the sides of the ant habitat!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      That is a great tip that I have honestly never thought of! I’m glad you have found a use for it as well! 🙂

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