How to Make Money from Your Family Blog: 3 Simple Ideas to Try

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So, you have a family blog through which you occasionally share your thoughts on social issues, your community, and boast the cool things your kids do. It’s a form of diarizing that’s good for the soul, as your counselor would say. But did you know you can also make it good for your family budget?

Today you can make money from a blog in many different ways that range from affiliate marketing to selling products to hosting ads. The return from it might not be that big, but every penny counts for a family budget.

3 Ideas on How to Make Money from a Blog to Boost Your Family Budget

Host ads and sponsored content

The easiest method of making money from a blog that requires barely any effort from you is ‘renting out’ space on your website to advertisers and brands that seek to spread their content through independent channels (meaning your blog). Aside from graphic banner ads posted on your website this will mean also accepting sponsored posts and sharing them on your website and social media channels.

You’ll be able to get the best deals depending on the size of your current audience. This should give you some motivation to build up your personal brand and attract more readers.

Google AdSense is the number one service you should use for easy monetization of your family blog through paid ads. Check out the Google AdSense Help page to learn how to do this.

Open an online shop

Don’t have the time to run a full-fledged eCommerce business? You don’t have to in order to make money from a blog. The level of your ‘commercial involvement’ with the sales service depends only on your personal choice. You might not even get involved with any products directly if you choose to make money with affiliate blog. Then you’ll only need to post helpful texts and reviews with links to the seller’s website or Amazon page. You’ll get a few bucks every time your readers buy the thing after following it.

If you can invest a bit more time into your family eCommerce business, consider direct sales as this will relieve a lot of the stress of trying to find suppliers. In case your family is into handcrafting, you can make your family blog an addition to your Etsy store. You can also use it as an online alternative to a garage sale.

The purpose of adding a shop is that it will not only bring you money for the occasional sale. It will boost your blog’s visibility for Google, which should increase your traffic and in turn make your website more attractive to advertisers.

Get paid for writing reviews

Do you post reviews of products and services you use on your family blog to rant to friends? You can make money from doing this. If you get involved in this business deeper, you’ll even be sent all kinds of products to review.

Check out websites like Sponsored Reviews or Pay Per Post to get started. You can also try contacting some brands directly or look for information on paid reviews through online forums and social media.

Using this method will not only help you make money from a blog but will also provide your family with some discounts or even free goods. Consider filling out online surveys as a variation of this business as you might get sent products to evaluate for a survey as well.

family blog, make money blogging, make money online, make money with a blog

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  1. You know, these tips aren’t just good for family blogs, they are good for all types of blogs. Thanks for the tips!

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