Natural Dynamix Kids Gummy Cuties Multivitamins Review

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My boys are sometimes not the best eaters in the world. Especially my youngest son. Here lately he pretty much only wants to eat one of three things: macaroni and cheese, pasta with alfredo sauce, or cereal. I always try to make him eat something healthy with it but there’s only so much nutrition you can get from these meals. That’s why I always try to have both my kids take multivitamins everyday. It helps fill in the gaps!

The vitamin the kids have been taking lately are Gummy Cuties Multi-Vitamin ($11). They come in a plastic bottle containing 60 gummy multivitamins in dinosaur shapes. Childen 2-3 years old take one vitamin while 4+ years takes two vitamins a day. Gummy Cuties Multivitamins contains 13 essential nutrients for growing kids.

The main thing we test for with a gummy vitamin is taste. After all you do have to chew it up so it better taste good! Sadly, Gummy Cuties Multivitamins didn’t pass my families taste test. They aren’t very good tasting gummy vitamins but not so bad my kids completely refuse to take them.

However, Gummy Cuties Multivitamins are more natural than some other vitamins which is a plus. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the taste. Instead of using artificial colors and flavors Gummy Cuties Multivitamins use natural plant based colorants including annatto, black carrot juice and turmeric.

If you are looking for a more natural gummy vitamin to help give your children that extra nutrition they are lacking Gummy Cuties Multivitamins may be what you are looking for!

Do you prefer gummy or vitamins you swallow whole?


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  1. What kid wouldn’t live these gummy vitamins – I know I would have.

  2. Unfortunately, I guess my kids Susan 🙁

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