Ordering Custom-Fit Footwear by Wiivv

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This post was created in partnership with Wiivv. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me! #WiivvOrdering Custom Custom-Fit Footwear by Wiivv

I’ve never had custom-fit footwear before—until now. I have pretty normal feet I guess. They are smaller than most people I know, though. I wear a 6-7 depending on the shoe brand.

I thank my mother for my smaller foot size—she wore a size 5 in women! People always said she had ‘Barbie’ feet. Pretty fitting I guess—her name was Barbara (LOL).

I was recently asked to try out some custom-fit footwear and tell my thoughts about it. This footwear is digitally mapped from your smartphone. Pretty neat, huh? It’s amazing at what our phones can do these days.

Wiivv makes custom orthotics, insoles, and sandals that fit you perfectly—not your sister, best friend, whoever—YOU!

Before I get into what I think of Wiivv, let’s talk about how you go about ordering this custom-fit footwear.

Choose your Custom-Fit Footwear Online

ordering custom fit footwear

Head on over to the Wiivv Website and decide if you want sandals or insoles. I have ordered both and the process is pretty much the same.

You can also order directly from the App if you want 😉

For this example, we are ordering insoles.

From there you can choose full or 3/4 length insoles and let the design process begin!

Designing your Custom-Fit Footwear

ordering custom fit footwear

Here you get to choose the top layer design of your insole and the shell color (essentially the bottom of the insole). Pick your favorite combination, add it to your cart, and buy it.

Measuring your Custom-Fit Footwear on the Wiivv App

If you didn’t notice, you never selected your size? Not a problem! The app takes care of that and more.

If you ordered online, sign into your Wiivv profile on the app. The app will want to learn a little more about your feet and will ask you a few questions.custom-fit footwear

Just answer truthfully and keep pushing next.

custom-fit footwear

Following the Wiivv App Prompts

Grab a piece of paper and remove everything from your feet.

custom-fit footwear


custom-fit footwear

Place the shorter edge of the paper against the wall.

custom-fit footwear

Stand on the paper and place your right heel against the wall.

custom fit footwear

You’ll do this for both of your feet and take pictures of the top of your foot.

custom-fit footwear

Then you’ll need to take arch views of both of your feet.

custom-fit footwear

Wiivv will then review your measurements, if all is good your custom-fit footwear will arrive promptly at your door. Yay!

If something was wrong with your pictures, you’ll receive an email about retaking them. Wiivv was very good about staying in contact with email through the whole process.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Wiivv products I received next month. Cheers!!

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  1. I guess if you can this would be wonderful!! I know for myself I am always either having to buy a half size up or half size down, never find the perfect fit.

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