9 Organizing Tips To Turn Your Messy Home Office Into A Clutter-Free Space

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Working from home sounds great – and it is – but it makes it much easier to let your office space become a disaster. There’s no boss and no co-workers around judging you for your mess! Follow these nine tips to quit putting off organizing your home office space.

Start From Nothing

One of the best strategies is to empty the space and only put back in what you need. This way, you won’t leave behind a bunch of stuff that you don’t actually need for work.

In the end, you’ll like seeing the more minimal look in your office. Trust me, it beats stacks of papers and trash. This will help you commit to throwing some of the junk away or donating it to a more worthy cause than cramping up your style.


A rolling caddy is a great way to get more drawer space and surface area if you need it. The extra storage will help you keep clutter at bay too.

Invest in Filing Cabinets

To stop yourself from letting papers overtake your office, buy a small filing cabinet. Sounds simple, right? You can label the folders on the inside and store papers in their proper place. Meaning they are out of your sight until you need them rather than being scattered across your desk.

Make sure to steer clear of using your filing cabinet as a place to shove anything you can’t find a place for or else it’ll become part of the clutter itself! Everything should have its place.

Desktop Organizer

A desktop organizer is a great way to stop things like pens, sticky notes, staples, and paper clips from taking up valuable space. They are a cute way to have easy access to everything you need without it being all over the place.

Bookshelf Curtains

If you have a bookshelf behind your desk or in the corner of the room, it can look a little busy or cluttered. Especially if its a collecting ground for odds and ends. Throwing a curtain over it makes it look clean and sleek!

Throw Away Your Paper

People find that paper can easily pile up in their offices and start to take over the space. Take all the paper you can find, stack it up in a pile, and go through to analyze which ones you need and which can be thrown away. You’ll find that you don’t need more than half of them. The ones you do need can be easily put in the right place (i.e. the filing cabinet).

Clear Your Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s going on but they are rarely cleaned. If they’re cluttered, it’s hard to keep up with what is actually important.

Letter Trays

It’s easy to let mail pile up if it comes in at high volumes every day. Having a letter tray keeps it all in one place so you don’t lose anything and can sort through it later.

Hidden Storage

Many home offices have closets, so they should be utilized. Storing things in there keeps the office looking and feeling cleaner.

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