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Just like all people are unique (even twins) so are feet — even feet on the same person. Most people will notice that their left foot is bigger than their right. Other people have one foot wider than the other and that’s okay. Your feet are fine if they can get you where you want to go without any pain.

However, if you are having pain or can’t fit in shoes correctly you may need the help of custom fit footwear from places like Wiivv.

wiivv insoles with shoes

Wiivv makes custom orthotics, insoles, and sandals that fit you perfectly. Using smartphone technology, they digitally map every uniqueness of each of your feet.

It’s pretty neat if I do say so myself.

If you remember, I walked you through ordering custom-fit footwear by Wiivv and it was SO easy. I ordered myself and my husband a pair of insoles and for a little something extra even ordered myself a pair of custom sandals.

A Word About Custom Insoleswiivv insoles with shoes

Full-length custom insoles don’t fit in just any shoe. You will find a lot of shoes’ insoles are glued in and can not be removed. To wear full-length custom insoles your shoes will have to have removable insoles.

Typically, you find this feature in sneakers but other styles of shoes can have it as well. Or you can use a 3/4 length style from Wiivv and pick any shoe you want!

I wanted to wear my custom Wiivv insoles in slip-on shoes. I like quick shoes, not ones that you have to strap up for hours.

These silver guys were on clearance at DSW. They work perfectly for my needs!

DSW has a handy search filter on their website for removable insoles. If you’re going to be wearing full-length custom insoles it’s a great place to look for suitable shoes.

Wiivv Sandals Aren’t Like Anything You’ve Tried Beforewiivv sandals

First, a little history about me and sandals. Typically, I refuse to wear thong sandals. I have never found them comfortable — that is until now.

Normally, there’s just something very annoying about something rubbing between your toes making the area raw. Plus more often than not you are trying to keep them on your feet using that thong strap. It’s just a bad situation.

With my Wiivv sandals, there is no pressure placed between the toes. The sandals are completely formed to my foot so they move with it instead of flopping and sliding around everywhere.

They are the best thong sandals I’ve ever tried!

Break-in Your Custom Footwear


However, just like with any new shoes your Wiivv sandals and insoles have to be broken in. Most people don’t wear shoes with the correct support so they aren’t used to it, particularly in the arch area.

Trust me, you will notice the difference.

I suggest wearing your new insoles or sandals in short bursts to break them in. I wore mine around the house while doing some chores for a little bit and then gave them a break. Doing this a few times should make the break-in period a breeze.

About two days of several hour bursts should do it 😉

Wiivv Sandals Have Adjustable Straps


If the Wiivv sandal straps feel too loose or tight, you can easily adjust them. The side straps ‘pop’ out with some force and then you can make them tighter or looser depending on where you snap them back in.

I love that you can do this! I’ve never had another pair of thong sandals that have had this option.

You’re able to secure your foot in place so that you don’t have to exert as much energy to keep the sandal on your foot (you know the toe scrunch I’m talking about).

Wiivv Believes in their Products

Just be careful. I tried doing the down and out, peeling motion but I still accidentally broke a strap. Thankfully, customer service was there to make it better. All Wiivvs’ have a 1-year manufacturers warranty!

If you still feel like your new Wiivv insoles or sandals aren’t working for you they offer a 30-day guarantee. SO if you don’t love them you can return them for a full return.

You got nothing to lose but missing out on comfort!

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I have never heard of anything like this before. Absolutely GENIOUS!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      It’s definitely a good idea to have custom insoles, especially if you suffer from foot pain.

  2. it’s crucial to have well fit and comfortable foot wear

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I could not agree more! Comfy feet = better days. You simply can’t get through your days happily and successfully if your feet hurt.

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