Why Cremation Diamonds Are the Perfect Way to Remember Pets

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Pets have been a beloved addition to hundreds of thousands of households all around the world. Pets are like family members and when you are used to spending every day with them, it’s incredibly difficult to live in the house when they’re not there. Every pet owner whose animal has died wants to make sure they choose the perfect tribute for them. 

Today, society has evolved where conventional burials are not enough to value the death of a pet. Individuals are looking for unique and distinct alternatives to pay respect and show their love for their deceased pets.

One simple way to do this is to utilize the cremated remains of your pets. Your pet’s ashes can be turned into diamonds that will be cherished forever.

What Are Cremation Diamonds?

Cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds that are created artificially. Carbon from the pet’s ashes is exposed to high pressure and temperature to transform it into a diamond using high-tech machinery. 

The memorial diamonds created from the remains of your pets look visually and physically similar to the natural diamonds found in expensive jewelry stores. The amazing thing about a cremated diamond is their uniqueness.

Since the chemical and physical properties of pet ashes are different, each ash to diamond is different from the other. Your pet’s ashes will be preserved beautifully and it will ensure there will be no other piece like yours.

Why Turn Your Pets Ashes Into Diamonds?

A Beautiful Keepsake

Memorial diamonds provide a one of a kind connection to the animal that we’ve lost in gorgeous form. They give many pet owners a sense of comfort knowing their beloved pet will always be with them.  

Close To You Forever

Going to the burial spot of a pet can sometimes be hard. Busy schedules and moving can often make it impossible. However, with cremation jewelry, you will always be close to your pet. Such jewelry and diamonds eliminate the fear of being far away. It feels like a piece of them is always close to your heart.


Natural diamonds can be very expensive depending on the size and quality of the diamond. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are way more affordable. Cremation diamonds look extremely similar to natural diamonds yet with an affordable price. However, many would consider them priceless.

Making a Smart Choice


Many may argue that giving the cremated remains of your beloved pets to an unknown manufacturer can result in something shady. Make sure you do thorough research and choose a manufacturer that is reliable and experienced.

LONITÉ is a cremation diamond manufacturer who is known in the industry for producing the finest diamonds. The company is renowned for their unmatched customer service, high-quality products, and great craftsmanship.

When you place an order for a cremation diamond, a special authentication code will be given to you allowing you to track the status of your diamond every step of the way. If some of the ashes are not used, they will be returned to you making sure that no remains are misused.

LONITÉ understands the importance of the ashes and promises you will get exactly what you paid for. The process may take a while, but the end result will provide you with something that you’ll cherish forever.


Diamonds cost a lot, but a cremated diamond is simply priceless. What can be better than having your pet with you even after they are dead? This is a priceless feeling, making the investment worthwhile.

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