A Qualified Mom: Consider A Career In Care

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The new year is the perfect time to make changes. Begin doing things differently so that you have a successful and happy twelve months ahead. Make 2018 the year that you give yourself a boost, and head to work again or begin a fulfilled life as a working mom.

Raising kids is already one of the toughest challenges people face in their lives, and you’ll have already developed essential skills in caregiving. It might be a smart idea to consider jobs in this type of field since you’ll have a leg up.

Being a parent is rewarding, but for many; working on their career alongside their parenting role can help keep their sanity. Plus a valuable second income doesn’t hurt, and it will give plenty of satisfaction and personal reward at the end of each week. Don’t shy away from your career dreams. Utilize the new year for a fresh take on your options!

It’s time to open your laptop and begin to think about what you’d love to do each day in the caregiving field. Utilize that new stationery you received for Christmas, and start writing your skills, previously qualifications, and what further training you might need in order to get the job you want.

Whether you want to head back into your old field of work, or you’re ready for a new challenge; confidence is vital. Stop doubting yourself and remember that you’re a mom, so you’ve got this!

Be prepared for knockbacks and be ready to pick yourself back up so that you can take on 2018 with full force. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who are ready to head back to work and need a boost to put them on the right path regarding a career in care.

Health Care

The great thing about a potential career in health care is that there are a plethora of roles to choose from. There’s a job that’s suited to every level of education, training, and qualifications. So don’t be put off or intimidated by the first results that come up on your screen when you search for job opportunities.

Medical Admin Jobs

Perhaps you’re looking to work within healthcare, but more on the admin and managerial side of things. If your previous roles have involved nursing at a high level; you could look into a MSN MBA program online. This will allow you to gain the qualifications you’ll need to enter at a higher level within consulting, management, and developing within a nursing career.

Having a history as a nurse will only boost your level of understanding in regards to how things need to be operated and who the best people for a job are. So don’t think that because you haven’t worked in an office environment before mean that you’re not suited for an admin role.


Perhaps you want to be on the floor and helping people feel better directly; there are a considerable number of roles in nursing that would suit your needs. You could look in a hospital, or perhaps a pediatrics medical office where you could utilize the skills you’ve developed as a mom.

Hospitals aren’t the only place that nurses are needed; look at nursing homes or caregiving within people’s homes for the elderly or disabled people. Often, these jobs can provide some flexibility regarding your work/life balance and ensure that you have the opportunity to look after your own kids when you want to too.

Look into your options regarding shifts and rotations; you can explain to potential employers how you’ll be a working parent so that you can come up with a suitable schedule together. Think about who you have a natural rapport with; it could be the elderly, kids, or people in general. These skills mean you’re already well on your way to being perfect for a career in nursing. If you love the idea of making individuals feel better, recovery, and caring for them; start looking for your next move in healthcare today.


Again, much like nursing; there are a huge variety of roles and job opportunities in the field of teaching. It’s just about finding the best option for your personality, abilities, and the time you have. You could think about starting with the very young, especially since you’ve had some very hands-on experience with your own in recent years.

Primary Education

If your patient and calm and enjoy younger kids; primary education could be the right career choice for you. If you’re already a qualified teacher; perhaps explore different school options.

Many teachers find that having the same hours and holidays as their kids to be extremely helpful. Plus it will lower any childcare costs they’d otherwise face.

Secondary Education

Older kids and teens can be more challenging; however, the rewards of teaching young minds can be greater than other areas of the field. If you have a passion for a particular subject and want to share your knowledge, skills, and experience with the adults of the future; a career in secondary education would be perfect for you.

You could begin by volunteering at a youth center or something similar and getting to better understand kids of a particular age. This will enrich your resume and impress any potential employers. Getting a taste of how to communicate with teenagers in your area and teaching them along the way will also allow you to see if this area of teaching would be right for you and you could see yourself doing it long-term.


Tutoring is another way to help teens and young adults. It’s also an excellent way to fit work in with your own kids and a busy life as a mom. It may be something you want to consider before you move into a full-time role within a school setting.

Whatever area of care you choose to work in; you’ll need to be passionate and empathetic, but you’re already a parent, so that’s a given. Now, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to put on your resume and make 2018 as bright as possible.

care, caregiving, working mom, nurse, teacher, mom

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