The Rise of an Electric Skateboard: What’s with All the Hype?

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The idea of an electric skateboard has enticed humanity for quite a while. Despite the first models of this device being noisy, smelly, and overall awful, people haven’t given up on them. This resulted in the creation of the modern power board, which gradually takes its place at the top of rideable gadgets list with Segways and bikes.

These gadgets are convenient, cool, efficient, and eco-friendly, so there is no doubt they will continue attracting more fans. But to understand why exactly this particular device succeeded where others failed one needs to look at the history and unique benefits of electric skateboards.

The Rise of an Electric Skateboard: How Did It Start?

The story of an electric skateboard starts with a smelly, noisy, and very much not-eco-friendly MotoBoard of 1975. It was the first motorized skateboard, though it was powered by a small engine that ran on gasoline. The device was so noisy that it was legally banned in 1997.

One might think that it was the time to give up on the idea of an auto-moving skateboard, but the situation was the exact opposite. In fact, the first electric skateboard appeared the same year. Designed by Louie Finkle, this board was rather primitive and greatly lacked in power capacity due to the battery limitations of the time. However, it was a hit enough to prompt the creation of new boards that came when electric motors evolved to have some actual torque.

The idea of an electric skateboard persisted in the minds of all board lovers. This is proven by the fact that crowdfunding campaigns for these devices have consistently overachieved their goals. ZBoard got 30 times its goal on Kickstarter and the same company collected over $1 million in 2015 on Indiegogo.

It’s due to the persistent interest of the public that invested in these projects that you have a powered skateboard for sale today. But where did that interest come from?

Benefits of an Electric Skateboard: Why Is It Climbing to the Top?

The main reason why an electric skateboard is so popular is that it’s a skateboard actually designed for comfy and fast travel. Despite the gadget’s name, it’s ‘predecessor’ is actually a longboard, not a skateboard. This means that it was made for travel and speed over tricks and maneuverability.

While the exact reasons for this are unknown, longboards have a much more consistent popularity growth level than skateboards. They’ve been steadily growing onto the public since their creation and statistically, only about 15% of people who own a longboard stop riding it. While skateboarding gets abandoned by about 85% of its fanbase (Forbes).


The rising popularity of e-vehicles, combined with the consistent love for all things that a longboard can offer resulted in the rise of an electric skateboard of today. These are full-fledged rideable gadgets, unlike their namesakes, which are only good for a short ride and tricks. As more and more people today are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to cars, it’s no wonder that a gadget capable of helping you travel faster is getting a lot of attention.

Easy to Maneuver

Electric vehicles of today are powerful enough to turn an electric skateboard into a real commute-aid. Unlike bikes, these devices don’t require an extensive physical exertion. Yet, you do get some kind of workout, especially if you get a board controlled by tilting. It’s a great exercise in balance, but it won’t get you to sweat through your business suit.

Of course, there has been a great inequality between a bike and an electric skateboard. For a long time, they weren’t allowed on the same trails. This limited the options for those wanting to ride their electro board. However, there’s a law amendment to fix that issue now. Therefore, traveling on this particular rideable has gotten even more convenient.

All in all. Electric skateboards are fast, fun, and convenient. What’s not to love about that?

Their continued growth of popularity is a proof that more and more people realize the advantages of these devices. This trend is sure to continue as more interesting and original models of the gadgets are developed. Some pieces today are even capable of carrying luggage. They are also cheaper, more convenient, and easier to operate than a Segway. With pros like that, it’s obvious we will be seeing more of electric skateboards out on the streets quite soon.

My personal favorite type of “board”, are hoverboards!

electric skateboards, skateboards, longboards, hoverboards

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