Save Money & Energy With Tax Credits And A Home Energy Audit

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Save Money & Energy With Tax Credits And A Home Energy Audit

Part of being a Mom includes wearing many different hats. Like chef, chauffeur, and maid. Another one of these hats is an accountant, especially when tax season is looming. Thanks to Homeselfe, a free online app, makes these types of tasks easier than ever. It is like an energy auditing machine!

This snappy little app can go through your entire home finding ways you could save on your monthly utility costs. All in just a matter of minutes! They also offer tips on how to get more cash back from Uncle Sam when our yearly taxes are due.

Given the decline of our environment and diminishing natural resources, more of our children are becoming more energy conscious than ever before. After all, they are the future and thankfully they’re understanding the very definition of energy conservation. Including the need to save and protect our precious Mother Earth from possible extinction.

Getting Credit When Credit Is Due

So how can we gain more money from the government when it comes time to pay our taxes?

While there are many hidden tax credits, available to us as Moms, heads of our household and caregivers, some are more obvious than others. But when it comes to saving energy and the environment, sometimes these gateways to a bigger tax return are harder to recognize compared to others.

Home improvement areas are often overlooked, but they can be the best place to start when filing for tax credits. For example, new roofing materials, skylights, even adding extra insulation can qualify homeowners for a “qualified energy efficiency improvement” under the terms defined as a “non-business energy property credit.”

See what else you might be missing out on when filing your taxes this year after checking out this important infographic, “Do You Qualify For A Home Energy Tax Credit?”


energy tax credit

Even some simple repairs could save you big on your tax return!

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  1. Wow some great ways to save money !

  2. Awesome ways to save money and get some much needed tax relief,we all could use that

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