St. Patrick’s Day Yearlong Positivity Activity for Kids + Free Printable

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In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I decided to have my kids write down ways they are lucky. You know the term “Luck of the Irish” while being a common St. Patrick’s Day phrase it’s not actually Irish at all. Americans came up with it during the gold rush of the 19th century.

Today, however, we associate luck on this happy green holiday. It’s a fun day to wear some green, eat green treats, and do anything that contains shamrocks and rainbows. But I wanted to dig a little deeper into the term luck. I hate when my children just act like they have the worst life ever. It’s so far from the case and sometimes they need a reminder to be more positive and concentrate on the good things.

free printable

So I made a St. Patrick’s Day printable for my kids. It has cards that say “I’m Lucky Because…” and then has a space to write something. I had each of my children fill out a card sheet and we placed them in a jar that we decorated. We mod podge the lid of an old pickle jar with St. Patrick’s Day paper and cut out the words “I’m Lucky” on my vinyl cutter. This could easily be done with stickers as well!

jar top

Now anytime they are having one of their sulking woe is me my life is awful moments I have them take one of these cards out of the jar. I have them read it to me and explain how things could be worse. They realize cleaning their room or something as equally mundane isn’t so bad.

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Another way, to do this is have them fill out all the cards on the St. Patrick’s Day printable when they are having bad attitudes for no reason. It helps them think about how they’ve been acting and makes them realize just how lucky they really are.

This activity can also be turned into a family game. Have everyone in the house fill out a few cards and then have the other family members guess who wrote it. My children wrote things like “I’m Lucky Because…” I have my own room, I get to play baseball, I have food to eat, ect. You can write whatever you feel makes you lucky.



  1. Clean an old jar and mod podge the lid with festive paper.
  2. Place the words “I’m Lucky” on the outside of the jar with stickers or vinyl.
  3. Fill the jar with St. Patrick’s Day Yearlong Positivity Activity cards.
  4. Stay positive!

It’s a great way for kids to appreciate what they do have and concentrate on being more positive in life. This activity can be done year round but it’s great to start on St. Patrick’s Day!

Do your kids get bad attitudes about EVERYTHING for no reason?


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  1. Bonnie Lee says:

    This looks like a fun activity!

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