5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Christmas Memorable

Celebrating Christmas does not need to cost an arm and a leg. There is no need to buy expensive gifts for your loved ones or prepare a lavish feast. With that in mind, here we will briefly tackle some of the best ways to make Christmas special and memorable without the need to spend a […]

5 Top Tips for Getting Christmas Organized Early

As much joy and happiness we get from the holidays, with all the food, family and gift giving, it can get hectic. Get organized early so you can handle the stressors of Christmas. Wouldn’t it feel better to have everything already done and not be scrambling last minute to find the wrapping paper? If you […]

DIY Christmas Shower Jellies

Have you ever smelled something and it brought back a memory? Certain smells bring back nostalgia for most people. For me, scents of peppermint and cinnamon remind me of Christmas. Candy canes and scented pinecones pop into my head and all I can think of is that “It smells like Christmas!”. What a wonderful, happy […]

Instilling The True Magic Of Christmas Into Our Children’s Hearts

How To Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Christmas is a favorite time of the year for most kids. It’s a time for family, presents and shiny and whimsical decorations. It’s not always like that for adults, because the feeling wears off after a couple of dozens of times. That’s why it’s up to the […]

Get Ready For Christmas With Minted

Minted Art Gifts and Holiday Artwork So, Thanksgiving is over and you planned to do all of your Black Friday shopping today – but after stuffing yourself with yummy food yesterday you didn’t quite make it out the door or even off the couch last night or this morning? Yeah, that sounds an awful lot […]