Cleaning Tips for Those with a Dust Allergy

You keep cleaning, wiping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, but can’t really get rid of the dust. Sounds familiar, we know. No matter how often or how well you clean, dust somehow is always there. This is especially bad if you have a dust allergy. Of course, it might be somewhat less resistant to professional cleaning, […]

A Clean House is Possible Even if you are a Cat or Dog Owner

According to some estimates, about 68 percent of all households in the US have a pet. Given that the majority of those pets are cats and dogs, we can assume a lot of homes are struggling to keep clean. Pets shed, they bring in dirt from outside, and they can make a mess in a […]

Cleaning Your Home Office (the Dirtiest Parts)

    You spend a lot of your time in your home office — five days of the week most likely. Most of us even eat there when we have a lot of work to do (guilty!). However, have you ever wondered just how clean your office really is? If you are not a germophobe, […]

Is Hiring a Cleaning Service Really Worth It?

People have never been busier. It is not unusual to work at a job for forty hours or more a week, with overtime being the rule rather than the exception. With so little time for rest and recreation, do you really want to use that time to clean your house? It might be time to […]

How to Clean Your House after Renovation

So, the work is finally done, the workers who had been occupying your house for days are finally gone. And what have they left you with? You probably just can’t recognize your house, both because of the mess and the renovation. It’s difficult to grasp where to start from and how to handle all that […]

Who Can Benefit the Most from Hiring a Cleaning Service?

We all love to live and work in a clean environment, but keeping our homes or offices clean can be HARD. Whether it’s the lack of time or motivation, the result is a mess that grows each day. Eventually, one day you become so accustomed to it messy, you’ll feel strange seeing your home or […]