A Clean House is Possible Even if you are a Cat or Dog Owner

According to some estimates, about 68 percent of all households in the US have a pet. Given that the majority of those pets are cats and dogs, we can assume a lot of homes are struggling to keep clean. Pets shed, they bring in dirt from outside, and they can make a mess in a […]

What Does a Dog Grooming Service Really Do?

Grooming dogs might seem like a glorified hairdresser position to some—just with more material. This is far from the truth. The composition of dog hair is very different than the hair found on a human’s head. Many dogs have both an overcoat AND an undercoat of hair. This makes a dog grooming service entirely necessary. […]

Before Teaching Your New Puppy Voice Commands, Teach This!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PurinaDays2018 #PurinaDays  #CollectiveBias The end of last year was an exciting time for our family, we added a new puppy to our home! Literally, a few days after Christmas we dove right in and got ourselves a little […]

Is Your Family Dog-Ready?

There will come a time when your kid will ask you for a dog. It pretty much happens to every parent. It might be that their friend has a new family pooch, or they might have seen a cute dog on the television. I remember when I was a child, my friend’s got a dog […]

How To Register Your Dog As An Emotional Support Animal

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal Letter It is common to see people keeping mammals like cats and dogs as pets at home. Some people even have a penchant for the avian species. These creatures become nearly indispensable for some women and men. For these people, a dog or cat is not just a […]

PullyPup Hands Free Dog Leash Review

Walking more than one dog can be difficult. Very difficult! One dog wants to go here and another wants to go there. Your leashes become all entwined making you trip over yourself. It’s no fun! Other times it would be nice to be able to use your hands for some other than dog leashes. Trying […]