3 Fun Holiday Traditions to Start this Year with Your Family

Families can be fun, especially when you get them together for a holiday. Each has their own unique way of celebrating and building memories with their own holiday traditions. Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas or even Solstice, here are a few fun holiday traditions you can incorporate into your own holidays this year. 1. Painting a […]

Fun Ways to Get Teens Involved in DIY Home Projects

It can be difficult to engage teenagers in family activities and DIY Home Projects when they seem to be wrapped up in their own, busy lives. However, there may be entry points for them to get involved when you are improving or renovating your home. From drawing up designs to receiving rewards, your teen will […]

How to Raise a Happy Family

One simple way to create a happy family is to arrange family adventures. These can range from a trip to Disney to a fun-filled visit to a coastal town, state park, or mountain retreat. Regardless of the simplicity or sophistication of your family vacations, getting away from daily routines gives everyone an opportunity to bond […]

Is Your Home Set For Family Life?

Are you expecting a baby or marrying someone with children? In case you didn’t know a “home” needs to be in a certain state for families to live in. Shocking, right? Visualizing this can be pretty hard if you are a newbie, though. The truth is that you need to approach this issue from different […]

Why Make A Regular Family Album When You Can Make A Yearbook

A brand-new year has started and it’s the perfect time to start planning your next big family yearbook. You don’t want to go through twelve months and realize that can’t fill out an album. If you want to treasure a year’s worth of memories with a family photo album, you will need to follow these […]

Give ‘Em Something to Talk About – in the Kitchen

How about cooking up some connection in the kitchen. It’s been said that while life may have been created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen. Has your kitchen been left on the back burner? Put the sizzle back into the heart of your home with a few changes – turning it […]