You Are Unique – Shouldn’t Your Vitamins Be Too?

This shop has been compensated and was provided the product by the client for review; however, all opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me! Every single person in this world is unique, even twins. No two people can experience the exact same situations at the exact same time in […]

How To Get Back Up When Injury Knocks You Down

When we think about health, our first thought is usually on how to stay healthy. We watch what we eat and workout. But we’re not always the masters of our own fate. Whether it’s an accident or pulling a muscle, an injury can come up at you from out of the blue. Once my husband fractured […]

Get Fresh Air, Help Your Health!

These days it can be really tempting to stay indoors all day, especially with all of the technology we have. We can watch TV to keep up on what’s happening in the world, read books to boost our vocabulary and even follow fitness programs to stay in shape. The ease of staying indoors can be […]

How To Make Sure Each Member Of Your Family Is Healthy

Your Partner We all know that you can’t bully your partner into being healthy, as much as you might want to. The most you can do is be as encouraging as you possibly can. Try to facilitate any attempts that they might want to make to get healthier, like taking care of your kids if […]

How to Make Scrumptious Homemade Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream with your children may sound difficult, but it can be a memorable way to spend an afternoon. Kids love to help Mom in the kitchen, and creating culinary delights like homemade ice cream is an easy way to bond.