10 Reasons Exercise for Kids Should Start at an Early Age

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of all kids aged between 10 and 17 have a weight problem. Most are either overweight or obese. That does not come as a shock since less than 25% of them participate in a moderate physical activity for 60 minutes as the American Medical Association […]

6 Ways Your Kids Can Practice Gratitude

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to ask ourselves, do we really know how to appreciate what we have? This holiday is so much more than “putting up” with your relatives and eating turkey — and it is a great opportunity to remember to nourish the sense of gratitude, not only in yourself but also in […]

Keeping Kids Safe in Winter Weather

As the winter approaches, parents face new worries when it comes to keeping their children safe and healthy. The wintertime can be a magical season that brings on a whole new set of fun for kids. Children love to play in the snow, make snowmen, go skiing or sledding, and try their hand at ice […]

Quick Guide: How to Involve your Kids in Family Finance

As parents, it’s our job to provide a stable living for our children. We buy them everything they need to make them comfortable – from the essentials to time wasters like video games. Sometimes, parents focus so much on taking care of their children that they can end up in debt. No shock there as kids […]

4 Ways to Support Your Child’s Education

When your child is growing and learning, their education is probably not their top priority. Friends and hobbies tend to come first. So, it’s up to you to support them in every way you can. Encourage Extra Study Time Kids are made to work hard at school, but it’s also important that they are encouraged […]

5 Things You Learned in School That Your Kid Will Not

Education is the most important thing we can give to our children. We work hard to send our kids to school so that they can eventually use their education to develop a good life for themselves. However, how well is the school system teaching our kids? Over the past couple of decades, schooling has drastically […]