How to Keep Kids Busy on Family Road Trips

One of the best parts of summer is heading out for family travel.  These tips for How to Keep Kids Busy on Family Road Trips will make your next vacation better than ever!  Keeping kids busy in the car is a must, and our tips are perfect for happy vacations! Bring their favorite electronics This […]

How to Dress Your Home ‘Happy’ This Summer (Or Anytime You Feel Like Doing It)

They say your home is your castle, and it is hardly possible to argue. It’s our home where we usually feel especially relaxed and secure. It’s our home we dream about when feeling tired by the end of the long working day. It’s our home where we’d like to be when feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. […]

3 Tips For A Beautiful Midsummer Garden

We’re almost in the peak of summer, and that means if you’re not careful, your garden will soon become bedraggled and arid. This is the time of year when we’re spending the most time outdoors and we don’t want to stare at a brown, dead lawn. It’s important to keep everything as green and alive […]

5 Summer Car Shopping Tips

Car shopping can be an absolute pain if not done right. From the haggling salesman to forgetting something you should have thought of before buying a car. It can be a nightmare. Here are some simple tips to make sure your car shopping experience is smooth going this summer: Visit Car Lots On Weekday Afternoons Most […]