4 Household Chores That You Can Secretly Get Your Teenagers To Do

Teenagers may have varied personalities, but share similar characteristics due to the biological state they are in. They want to be independent, they are risk-seeking, extroverted and quite idealistic. However, the most prominent character teenagers commonly have and which most parents complain about is laziness. They tend to live in a strange world and speak […]

5 Reasons You Should Prepare Your Teen for a Car Crash

Being involved in a car crash is a traumatic event for anyone but can throw a teen driver into a state of panic. It is a great idea to begin preparing them for the proper way to handle a motor vehicle accident Accidents Can Happen In All Weather Conditions It is true that accidents occur […]

Financial Lessons to Teach Teens Before College

Money management skills aren’t likely to be a priority for teens. Economics and personal finance classes are only required in 20 percent of all U.S. high schools. This means teaching these skills is a parental responsibility second only to food, clothing, and shelter. It’s critical for you to play a role in raising financially literate […]

5 Ways To Convince Your Teen Not To Get A Permanent Tattoo

Convincing your teen of anything that you think is best for them is usually a difficult task. The simple act of forbidding something usually makes them desire the item more. This applies to everything, including tattoos. With tattoos being very popular at this time, convincing your teen not to alter their body permanently will take […]

8 Mobile Apps That Will Help Teens Excel At School

With how technology works these days, it’s easy for parents to feel on the edge about their teens using their mobile phones and devices. In just one click or download, kids can get exposed to ideas, videos, and apps that aren’t appropriate for them. However, not all things related to technology are bad. In fact, […]

4 Good Driving Habits To Teach Your Teen

When a child becomes old enough to drive, the experience can be bittersweet for parents. On one hand, they’re happy that their child has come of age and is finally sitting behind the wheel, ready to explore the world. I know I am looking forward to sending my son on some of my errands. But […]