Toy Story Room Decor and Paint Ideas

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The time has come to redecorate baby bug’s room, but first we need to take a look at his old room. When I originally chose the Toy Story room theme (about two years ago) it was because I felt it was safe theme. After all, it’s filled with toys and almost any kids room theme goes with toys. Plus, baby bug didn’t really have a favorite character yet. It would figure shortly after I chose the Toy Story theme that he would find his first love, Mickey Mouse. To compensate we’ve had two Mickey Birthday Parties since then.

toy story room decor
toy story room decor
toy story room painting ideas
toy story room painting ideas

About six months ago baby bug actually really got into the Toy Story movies and characters. I was so happy that he finally liked his room theme. Sadly, I don’t feel this theme will last very much longer and so I feel once we move it will be time for a new room theme. We’ve already have painted over these walls which was a little sad. But not nearly as sad as painting over big bug’s Mario Mural. That took 4 months to paint.

I want the new room theme to last for at last a few years, hopefully! I think we are leaning on a super hero theme. What theme do your children have in their rooms?


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  1. Oh my what a room my grandson Leo would love such a room he loves Toy Story……………the thing with him though is that he will be all into Toy Story for months then will switch to say Spiderman for a few months then it’s Batman……so makes decorationg his room difficult

    • I know what you mean. Kids do change their minds a lot. I just hope by doing a super hero theme room he will have enough characters to go around.

  2. Awesome room!

  3. How cute my son loves Toy Story this would of been a perfect room for him if we owned our own house that is. I’ll have to keep this in mind 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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