UKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game Review

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ukloo early reader game

Getting my children to actually want to read has always been a difficult task. I know complaining is all I’ll hear once I broach the subject. Reading has never really been their thing. They don’t mind for me to read to them but having them read to me is a completely different story. It’s probably because reading has never really came easy to them.

My youngest has just started kindergarten and has been learning “popcorn words” (as, in, the, on, ect. ) which are the basic little words we use all of the time. He doesn’t really know many other words but I have found that playing uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game is an amazing way to add to his vocabulary.

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game is an ingenious game for early readers. It takes something all kids love a seek and find game and mixes in reading. It’s truly amazing!

The idea of the game is simple. You hide cards around your house according to what the cards say. So let’s say you give your child a starter card that says “Look in the sink” there in the sink would be the next card that could say “Look beside the clock”. Then of course beside the clock would be the next card and so forth. Your kids keep going along reading each of the cards to find the next clue and at the end there’s a surprise card that you write on what they have won. I’ve been using stickers and fake tattoos lately as prizes but you can use whatever you wish.

If your child is an early reader the picture helper will be their best friend. My son loves examining it to find the word he doesn’t know. The picture helper breaks up unknown words in groups like action words, place words, helper words, and object words. All of which are laid out in alphabetical order to help your kids find words faster.

pic helper

I love that it gets kids moving too. I think one reason my kids aren’t fond of reading is because it’s not active (they think it’s boring!). They are very active boys and need that release to be engaged. This game makes my son want to read and gives him the action he craves at the same time. He was excitely running from room to room looking for the next card. It’s the best of both worlds!

My son absolutely loved the uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game. He didn’t even care that it was helping him learn to read, he just thought it was fun!I would highly recommend this game to parents of early readers. It’s a great educational game that both kids and parents will love!

 What has helped your kids want to read?



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