5 Reasons You Should Use a Beach Umbrella

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beach umbrellas, umbrella, sun protection, protecting yourself against the sun

Summer means beach trips, and beach trips, in turn, put you in arm’s reach of the scorching sun. The heat itself is daunting and harmful, and with UV rays posing serious threats to your health, you’d want to protect your delicate skin from sun damage.

Traditional ways to do that include applying sunscreen, wearing trendy hats, and importantly, setting up beach umbrellas. Here are 5 reasons why you should use beach umbrellas.

You Can Secure a Spot in the Sand

You won’t be the only one trying to experience the cool waters and waves of the ocean. People of all ages will be fighting for a space to settle in by the shore. Having an umbrella to secure a spot will definitely make your day less stressful.

No more fighting for that good spot at the beach because, with the umbrella, you’ve marked that tiny space as yours.

Beach Umbrellas have SPF Protection

Normal umbrellas are usually lightweight, but they are thin, fragile, and don’t protect you from the sun as much as beach umbrellas would. Beach umbrellas have SPF values high enough to protect you from the rays of the sun.

Along with this, the shade they provide is enough to prove that these truly provide protection against heat, radiation, and UV rays.

You Get Double Protection from the Sun

If you already use high-SPF sunscreen and other beach essentials, you’d already have enough protection to brace the heat. But using a beach umbrella doubles your protection against harmful rays from the sun thanks to the aforementioned SPF protection that beach umbrellas come with.

The shade it provides also allows the user to shy away from the unforgiving heat of the sun.

Provides Extra Security

Countless people are taking pictures in this day and age. Most shots are often uploaded online, for everyone in the world to see. Drone cameras are a new technology used by people today. Often people use them to take aerial views of the landscape, especially of beaches.

If you don’t want to be captured in these videos and photos, your beach umbrellas will provide an extra layer of security for you. It will obscure your face and body from view.

Keeps the Sand Near You Cooler

Direct sunlight that hits the sand gets hot. This may worsen your overall beach experience since sand already is a nuisance on its own – it gets everywhere.

When you’re trying to settle on a good spot with just a beach towel underneath you, the hot sand might feel too warm for you. A beach umbrella may help the sand from burning you.

Now that you are well-acquainted with the reasons why you need a beach umbrella for every trip to the shore, you’re all set for picking the best one for your next summer getaway. They’re easily found in major stores and are usually reasonably priced.

beach umbrellas, umbrella, sun protection, protecting yourself against the sun

6/15/18 Happy Friday guys! I took the day off to run some errands and hang out with my nieces. Do you use a beach umbrella? They are great for kids sporting events!

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