Working From Home: Keeping Your Work And Home Life Separate

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Working from home is becoming a popular option for many people. It cuts out the commute and saves money for everyone involved. What’s not to love about that?

However, just like anything working from home does have its pitfalls. It makes it a ton harder to separate your work life from your home life. Without getting out of the house, both sides of your life may start to interfere with one another. Here are a few ways in which you can keep a clear divide.

Work Out Of The Bedroom

Have a separate room in your home that you can use purely as an office. Keep all your work gear here including your phone and computer. This will prevent you becoming lazy, reaching over for your laptop and working from your bed.

Having a separate space for your work can not only help get you in the zone – it also has tax benefits if you’re self-employed.

Limit Distractions

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Don’t implement an open door policy in your home office. There may be times when you have to look after children while working from home, but older children need to know the limits. For those over 5 years old, let them know that they can’t keep interrupting you and enforce designated work times in which they can’t disturb you.

Don’t put a TV in your office, and introduce a strict personal regime to tackle getting distracted by social media. There are software and apps that can actually limit social media use. These may be useful if you find yourself constantly wondering absent-mindedly onto Twitter and Facebook during work hours.  

Consider A ‘Coffice’

It can be healthy to get out of the house now and again so that you’re not feeling trapped in the same four walls every day. Do you like Starbucks? One solution is to work from a coffee bar one day a week. This approach to working from home has coined the word ‘coffice’ and is a particularly great way of meeting clients so they don’t have to come to your home address.

Of course, for some intensive work, this environment may be too distracting – especially at peak times. Other places that you could consider working that are usually free include libraries, community centers, parks in the summer, and even McDonalds.

Use A Virtual Address

Revealing your home address to clients may put your privacy and professionalism at risk. One way to deal with this is to use a virtual PO box. Your mail will then be posted to a more official-looking address, at which point someone at that address will then forward it to you. This way, your personal address is protected.

Have A Separate Work Phone

If all your work emails and work phone calls are going through your cell phone or landline, you could find it hard to switch off from work in your free time and find yourself distracted by your social life in your work time.

Some companies will provide special work phones to their employees for free. If you’re self-employed, you may be able to find a special business phone package and deduct it from your taxes. You could also get a cloud phone number, allowing work-related calls to go through your PC.

work and home life balance, Work And Home Life, work home life balance, working from home, working from home tips, work from home, work from home - expert tips, work from home organization

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  1. lncleslie says:

    Great tips! Keeping a balance is NOT easy!

    • It’s definitely not easy. It takes time to get things rolling but it’s worth it!

  2. Working at home can be great but keeping things desperate can be difficult,thanks for the tips.

    • Krystle says:

      Yes, I fully agree. There definitely needs to be some sort of separation in order for it to benefit you and others in your life.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Im going to be starting a small business at our house, and these are some great ideas.

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