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Starting around three years old, little girls want to be big girls. They see their mothers, sisters, and grandmas painting their toes and fingernails and it looks like loads of fun. What’s not to love about pretty colors and fun designs? Throw in fun emojis and you can imagine the excitement on their little faces.

As they get older, emojis are still cool but a diary becomes a place where you can write about your deepest emotions without letting the whole world know about it. It’s a great place to get away from social media and vent and just be you. Of course, you need to do this in a super cool diary with fun gel pens 🙂

We’ve just discovered two amazing gifts for little girls – SmitCo LLC’s Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set and the Light Up Emoji Journal.

gifts, gifts for girls, smit co, emoji gifts, emoji nail polish, scented nail polish

SmitCo LLC Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set Review

What’s Included?

For starters, the Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set includes a lot of goodies – 167 pieces! The main categories are:

  • Peel off scented nail polishes
  • Scented nail patches
  • Nail stickers
  • Press on nails
  • Nail Files
  • Toe separator (one for each foot would have been nice)
  • Ring
  • Nail art sticks (looks like it’s meant to push back cuticles)

There are plenty of items to deck out several kids nails. I think it would be a hit at a slumber party or great craft at a girl’s birthday party! I can totally hear the “squeals” now. I’m having flashbacks to one of my nieces birthday parties. I swear every time she opened present LOUD squeals ensued.

You may totally need earplugs, but they would absolutely love this kit!

If you are using this kit for a party, I would suggest having the girls draw straws for the ring and press on nails since there are only enough for one person. If it’s a birthday party, these two things could be for the guest of honor!

You could totally just use them on one nail as well and split them up between the girls. Whatever you think will cause the least bickering 🙂 They aren’t going to stay put too long, so in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you split them up – it’ll still be fun while it lasts.

Is the Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set actually safe for kids?

This kit was made specifically with kids in mind. The nail polish is water-based and does not need acetone to remove. They can just peel it off if they want to switch colors!

Of course, this kit is recommended for children older than 6 years old, so hopefully, they won’t decide to chug a bottle of nail polish. Like anything use your judgment and supervise anyone who you allow to use it if you are concerned about safety.

And remember this is meant for nails, not cloth. Wearing aprons and having a special spot setup for this “nail salon” is a great idea.

What is it like peeling off the scented nail polish?

I found it easy to scratch off the scented nail just using another one of my nails. If you have really short nails, a coin should work too. This also means don’t expect the polish to last forever or be surprised that it starts peeling.

I found out that a hot shower can either make the nail polish come off extra easy or it can add some extra sticking power. It just depends.

When it starts peeling it almost has a rubbery texture that if you are lucky to grab in the right spot you may peel off a large chunk of polish. Personally, I love that you can peel this nail polish off. The last thing I need is someone spilling acetone on my couch!

gifts, gifts for girls, smit co, emoji gifts, emoji nail polish, scented nail polish

What does the Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set smell like?

Both the nail polishes and the nail patches have a nice, fun scent. I would describe the scent as fruity – maybe kind of like those flavored kids chapsticks they most young kids want to eat. I also seem to think the scent has a slight grape-y tone which I love. Maybe it is because I typically like grape flavored things?

So you may want to supervise this activity if your child is prone to eating non-food items or if you just don’t want nail polishes everywhere. It’s a great bonding activity anyway!

Do the nail stickers and patches actually stick?

For me, the stickers stuck better WAY than the nail patches. After two weeks, part of the stickers were still there! Again, this is a kid’s product, you don’t want anything to be permanent. However, to give nail stickers and patches a little more lasting power you could always have them come to you at the end so you could apply a coat of clear nail polish.

The nail patches tear easily so you can shape them to your nail shape. Just be careful pulling the stickers off the sheet, if you do it wrong the sticker can fold on itself.

Why buy the Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set versus something else?

It’s SO darn cute! But if that’s not reason enough, I would say buy it because it is a ready to go product. You don’t have to go store to store bin to bin trying to accumulate enough items for a party or your little princess. You just stick the Scented Emoji Nail Polish Set in your cart and order and you have enough products to make a lot of girls smile! Or just that special one 😉

gifts, gifts for girls, smit co, emoji gifts, emoji nail polish, scented nail polish

 Light Up Emoji Journal Review

gifts, gifts for girls, smit co, diary, emoji diary, light up diary, secret diary

The Light Up Emoji Journal is perfect for any girl to spill her heart to. The front of the journal colorful and just plain fun. It makes me happy just looking at all those cute emojis. As if that wasn’t enough, the cover of the diary has a button you can press to make colorful LED lights blink for a few seconds. What young girl wouldn’t love that?

gifts, gifts for girls, smit co, diary, emoji diary, light up diary, secret diary

This diary, notebook, journal, or whatever you want to call also comes with an invisible ink pen. That’s right – whoever you gift this to can keep their personal thoughts secret if they wish! The pen is really neat. When you use it, you can’t see what you are writing, so write carefully. To reveal what you’ve written use the nifty blue light on the other end of the pen. I know I would have loved this when I was a kid!

As a mom, I love that it is hardback. Means it will last WAY longer.

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  1. Those peel off nail polishes are fun!! I feel like adults should use them too since they seem to switch up their nail polish so often!

  2. Jayne Townsley says:

    This is very cute and very appropriate for young girls.

    I am sure my seven-year-old granddaughter would enjoy them.

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