ZenWise Labs Ultra-15 #Probiotic Review

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I take fiber and probiotics almost religiously. First thing in the morning while getting my boys ready for school I take out all their lunch stuff from fridge including my probiotic. I start warming up the coffee maker while making their lunch. Once lunch is packed and ready to go I add in a few teaspoons of fiber to my coffee mug.  As soon as they head out for the bus I brew my cup of coffee and pop in my probiotics. Swallowing them down with my fiber coffee. This almost happens every morning!

Here lately I’ve been using  Ultra-15 Probiotic. It contains 10 different strains of probiotics and a whooping 15 billion CFU. As you may know from reading some of my other blog posts I take probiotics to help fight constipation.

I’d almost do anything to feel like a normal person. I swear sometimes my body is preparing for hibernation or something.  Ultra-15 Probiotic has helped my gut get the extra healthy bacteria it needs to be more normal. Just like other probiotics it almost helps my mood, immune system, and absorption of vitamins.

I have no side effects of Ultra-15 Probiotic. Probably because it is very natural. It contains no allergens of any sort nor artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. It’s so safe even children can take it.

These pills are easy to swallow and are a tablet rather than a capsule which makes them more potent. I would probably cut them in half if I was giving them to a child though.

I would recommend Ultra-15 Probiotic to anyone looking to keep their gut at its healthiest or those suffering from IBS or constipation. Your gut will thank you!

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