Is Zero Down Financing Possible on a Mobile Home Park?

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Is Zero Down Financing Possible on a Mobile Home Park_

Do you need zero down financing on your mobile home park? It’s definitely something you could lean on when you are trying to make future investment decisions.

You need to be sure that you have a plan to finance your whole park, not just a section of it. Remember, you can use these financing options to save time and money.

Try to get a loan that is much cheaper than usual. Here are some tips on how to make that happen. 

Does Anything Need to be Repair?

There are a lot of property loan companies that will help you with land purchases like Clopton Capital. They will show you how to find the right piece of land and how to pay for it.  

Most likely you will want to make changes and add things to your mobile home park. Just remember, additions change the way that you approach your investment.  

Often identifying capital improvements is a great way to negotiate 0% down.

You need to have a loan that will pay for the land AND your additions. So make sure your lender draws up something that actually pays for all these things. 

Find the Right Mobile Home Park Lender

Try to small, regional banks that specialize in mobile home park loans. They will offer you a better deal because they really need your business.

Don’t forget to take your time with this. You want to have some time to work out how the property will be used and everything involved—to get hard numbers in order.

Not to mention, trying to get a better price on the loan will help you save money over the years.  

The lower the payments the better!

Rent to Own

Loans are assessed based on the size and value of the property. A mobile home park might already have some value attached to it.  

You will need to pay more if you are buying something that is already established. If this sounds too expensive you might consider leasing the property for now.

Opt for a rent to own option.

Need to Sell Fast?

You need to ask the seller if they can wrap the existing note. It will help you save now and in the future. You need to be able to adjust the loan to get the rates that you want. 

The seller often just wants a quick sale so they might be willing to negotiate even lower.

There are many people who want to have the best deal for their mobile home park. I mean—who wouldn’t? Maybe they plan on investing in real estate and large rental communities that can turn a profit every month.  

Your zero down loan is more than possible—mobile home parks have so many financing options that you’re bound to get a good deal. 

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